About My Classes

Now running Oregon Landscape Contractors Board approved continuing education classes with 16 technical credit hours.

Dry Stonemasonry Classes
Learn the ancient craft of dry stone masonry where no mortar is needed or even wanted. Dry stonewalls are held together by gravity, friction and the skill of the wall builder. Alan Ash is one of only a few skilled individuals outside of the United Kingdom who, through rigorous testing and training, has earned a Level One Instructor’s Certificate from the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain. You will be sure to learn the proper techniques for building stonewalls made to last. Basic stone shaping techniques included. I’m honored to have visiting master craftsman dry stone masons from throughout the world join me here in the Pacific Northwest for some classes.

Traditional Mortared Stonemasonry Classes
Learn traditional stonemasonry techniques using mortars made from lime, lime putty and natural cements. Learn to lay stone using the proper bonding methods required to tie the stone together to make a structural load bearing wall. Basic stone shaping techniques included.

Modern Stonemasonry Classes
Learn modern stonemasonry techniques using Portland cement based mortars. Covering stone veneer applications, wall ties , seismic requirements as well as the rules of masonry bonding needed to build quality work. Basic stone shaping techniques included.

Historical Masonry Restoration and Preservation Classes
Learn how to meet the Secretary of Interiors “Standards for Historical Masonry Rehabilitations”. These classes are similar to those Alan has taught for the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture’s award winning Northwest Preservation Field School. Alan first started teaching for the Field School in 1999 and, over the years since then, has taught 14 of these week-long classes for them. Alan has also taught variations of this class for stonemasons, from national and state park systems as well as for architects, historians, homeowners, masons, maintenance workers, project managers, and other interested parties in both the public and private sectors.

Advanced Stone Shaping Classes
Learn how to shape stone using various hand tools as well as how to split stone using feathers and wedges. This class includes examination of fireplaces and walls that provide examples of the craftsmanship of tightly fit shaped stone. It shows how that can be accomplished without power tools and through the use of hammers and chisels.